Gold & Navy Medallion Madder Silk Tie
Gold & Navy Medallion Madder Silk Tie
Gold & Navy Medallion Madder Silk Tie
Gold & Navy Medallion Madder Silk Tie
Gold & Navy Medallion Madder Silk Tie

Gold & Navy Medallion Madder Silk Tie

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Our Gold & Navy Medallion Madder Tie is handmade in England and made from the finest quality madder silk. Madder silk ties and accessories are quintessentially British, they provide a unique and superior quality that is incredibly distinguished and has a deliberately different handle.  We are incredibly pleased to have been able to use these archives to print Madder in a fashion that is respectful to the tradition of hand-printing.

  • 100% Madder Silk
  • Traditional Madder Design
  • 150cm in Length
  • 8cm Blade
  • Multi-Step Screen Printed
  • 3 Folds
  • Self Tipped
  • Handmade in England
  • Dry Clean Only

Choose from our extensive and carefully curated range of men's ties to add the perfect finishing touch to your jacket or shirt. Our handmade collection encompasses many styles and materials across the finest fabrics in the world. Once the fabrics are sourced, our ties are then handmade in England by skilled craftsmen to the highest possible standards to give the perfect finish.

Madder silk simply refers to a plant: Rubia tinctorum from which natural dyes can be extracted. While natural madder root produced primarily only red dyes, the modern dyeing process for madder can produce a wide array of rich, saturated hues. Most of these colours are on the darker end of the spectrum; for example of colours like mustard, forest green, burnt orange, deep blue and violet, and of course, red and burgundy.

Madder ties are now always printed on a twill silk fabric that has been treated with gum arabic, leading to a distinctive finish and feel; this is referred to by the experts and those in the industry as a chalk hand. In terms of design, Madder ties are often seen either in paisley or in small, repeating, geometric patterns.

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Adam Gonon - Menswear Influencer

"If there’s one thing I look for when choosing a tie for my outfit, it’s for them to be subtle. Favourites of mine include their Navy and Bronze Silk Twill Tie from the Silk Tie collection, their Hazel Super Fine Merino Wool Tie in a historical Glen Check pattern and the Navy Prince of Wales Merino Wool Tie. The premium fabrics and self-tipped finishing make these ties perfect for any suit jacket. The details in your closet can push your outfit from good to great and when you choose to wear a piece from Rampley & Co, you can trust that.…" click to read full review.

David Evans - The Grey Fox

"I've used Rampley & Co pocket squares, socks and ties for a few years now. All are well-made and stylish. I believe in buying few and buying well - it's the only sustainable way to avoid piles of stuff going into landfill. The ties are the ideal width and length and their quality enables me to tie a full knot - always important. It's always worth keeping an eye on their website as the best designs come and go quickly...." click to read full review.

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