What Makes Flannel Trousers a Wardrobe Essential?

In our video below, Leah and Chris outline why flannel trousers are a wardrobe essential. Our flannel trousers can be found on the following link: Flannel Trousers

Loro Piana Fabric

Our flannel trousers are a beautifully soft wool cashmere by Loro Piana. They are a mid weight three season trouser. Loro Piana is an Italian company that have made their reputation producing the highest quality textile products. It is considered the largest cashmere manufacturer and the world's leading artisan company processing luxury fibers. Loro Piana is vertically integrated, and it handles all stages of production according to exacting standards, from the harvesting of natural fibers to the delivery of the finished product. This history of the family company goes back over 100 years, and they are one of the finest Italian mills, producing particularly high quality flannel fabric.

What we particular love about Loro Piana is they always get their colours just right, with a wonderful drape and they are a lot softer than some of the traditional English flannels which have a slightly harsher texture to them. What we particularly love about the fabric is when you look closely, you can see the different shades of off-white and mid tones which creates a real depth of colour.

Versatile Trouser Style

In terms of the fit, these trousers have a medium rise, a flat front and are naturally tapered to the hem. They have a very elegant silhouette where they follow the leg straight down to the hem, without being baggy or skinny. This makes them really versatile because you can wear them formally with loafers, a shirt, tie and blazer but equally with sneakers and knitwear.

Flat Front Flannel Trousers

This is complemented by the flat front style, so there is no excess fullness in the front with pleats, which is a very modern but still very classic.' change to 'This is complemented by the flat front style, meaning there is no excess fullness in the front with pleats, a very modern yet still very classic look. A medium rise ensures that you get a fit that you will want to wear again and again as they’re so comfortable to wear. If they’re too low, you’re constantly pulling them up and if they’re too high you are very aware of them on your stomach. So this is a much more comfortable and elegant way of wearing your trousers.

The Benefits Of Side Adjusters

Our flannel trousers come with side adjusters which means you don’t wear a belt with them. Side adjusters are very much in the bespoke hand made tradition of tailoring. From a practical point of view, not wearing a belt is slimming and means you don’t have to worry about wearing a matching colour belt to your shoes or accessories. Also, by not breaking the silhouette in half, it can make you look that little bit taller. So, from a practical point of view, side adjusters can have multiple benefits. The side adjusters also have a mitred end that looks a little like an arrowhead, a clean and elegant way of finishing the area.

Side adjusters
Flannel Trouser Side Adjusters

Finish Trousers To Your Own Style

Our flannel trousers are supplied un-hemmed which allows you to finish them to the length and style you like to wear them. We can finished them for you in the classic short, regular and long measurements, but recommend you do get them finished locally to get the exact right length.

Having the right inside leg and the right hem really enhances the look of your trousers. It is easy to get done, your local dry cleaners will usually always have a good alterations tailor. Take them in there and put them on, and you can get them fitted to how you like them.

They have quite a bit of extra length, so if you prefer a turn-up (cuff), there is enough cloth to achieve this. As they are such a versatile trouser you can wear them with boots or trainers, and if you are likely to wear these shoes often, take them with you when you get them finished so you can get exactly the right length.

Our Flannel Trouser Collection can be found on the following link: Flannel Trousers.