Three Stylish Outfits for Evening Wear

In our latest YouTube video, join Leah and Mickael as they run through three stylish and different ways to dress for the evening. We'll cover how to style a classic black tie look, how to wear a velvet jacket and the best way to style a more daring jacquard jacket.



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Modern Black Tie by Mickael



Today, we will explore various options for evening wear. I'm joined by Mickael, the founder of La Bowtique and author of Modern Black Tie.

Would you like to share some details about the look you've put together?

This is a highly traditional evening-wear ensemble. It features a black jacket with a single-button closure and a silk, satin shawl lapel. The jacket exudes elegance. Paired with it, we have a white shirt with pleats at the front, adorned with studs. The shirt also showcases double cuffs, and to complete the outfit, a beautiful black silk satin bow tie.


A Classic Eveningwear Look


Are there any other bow tie combinations that would work well with this look?

While you could experiment with different shapes, it is recommended to stick to the same fabric, which is silk satin, matching the jacket's facing. You have the freedom to explore various shapes, ranging from slightly different to bigger or smaller if you wish to alter the overall appearance.

What trousers would complement this look?

The ideal choice would be black trousers that match the jacket. Additionally, you can incorporate a silk braid on the side of the trousers, adding a touch of sophistication. However, it is not advisable to pair this outfit with cream or white trousers, as it doesn't align with the traditional aesthetic. Although wearing an off-white jacket with black trousers can work for a summery look, it doesn't apply to the black jacket ensemble, where black trousers are the norm.

Are there any other colour combinations you would recommend for this look?

Certainly. If you're feeling adventurous, you can opt for tartan trousers or try a slightly different coloured shirt. For a classic approach, a cream shirt in the same style can be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a more flamboyant appearance, you can experiment with a colourful shirt. However, it's important to note that this deviates from the traditional look.


Velvet Jacket Evening Look


So this is a really beautiful velvet jacket, could you wear this as evening wear?

Absolutely. While it may not be the most classic option, the velvet jacket is perfect for celebratory occasions. It appeals to individuals who want to express their daring side or embrace their creativity. It's a great choice for evening wear, particularly for parties and celebrations. Just remember to maintain the traditional elements of evening wear, such as a one-button closure and a peak or shawl lapel, to ensure it remains suitable for black tie events.

Is this the go-to bow tie you would recommend?

Yes, indeed. The classic bow tie shape with classic proportions, made of black silk satin, is the staple choice. However, if you're feeling even more adventurous, you can explore other options, such as a dramatic bow tie that adds flair to your ensemble. It's important to find a balance that works for you. Alternatively, you can opt for a very traditional bow tie to create a more approachable look.

Would a velvet bow tie complement the velvet jacket?

Personally, I wouldn't recommend a velvet bow tie, as it tends to create a heavy appearance overall when paired with a velvet jacket. Instead, I suggest sticking to a satin bow tie to maintain a harmonious balance.

Regarding trousers, what would be the suitable choice for this look?

For a classic and traditional approach, classic black trousers with a silk braid on the side would be the perfect match. The jacket itself is interesting and distinctive enough to stand out without requiring any additional elements.


Jacquard Dinner Jacket


This is a rather unconventional look. Would you consider it a dinner jacket?

Certainly, you can consider it a dinner jacket, given the right settings. There is room for experimentation in the modern world of black tie attire, as people have explored various styles throughout the decades. However, it's important to consider your audience, location, and occasion when deciding on your outfit. A more casual setting with friends, family, or a party would be suitable for wearing such an outfit.

I must say, the bow tie you've chosen for this look is outstanding. Could you provide more details about it?

Certainly. This bow tie is quite large and possesses a dramatic shape that complements the jacket beautifully. If you're making a statement with the jacket, it's worth matching it with a bow tie that creates a harmonious and eye-catching effect. This particular bow tie has a straight top, followed by a sharp drop, creating an angular appearance. It works exceptionally well with the geometric pattern reminiscent of the art deco era and the sharp peak lapel.

To what extent do you think one can experiment with evening wear?

As long as you adhere to the essence of evening wear and its code, there is ample room for styling. Typically, a one-button jacket with a peak or shawl lapel represents the recommended approach. However, if you prefer a double-breasted jacket, the same principle applies. Furthermore, it's crucial to select celebratory fabrics that feel special and ensure your overall outfit is cohesive. Depending on the occasion, location, and company, there is a wide range of outfits you can explore while maintaining the spirit of evening wear.