The Fighting Temeraire

Join us as we delve deeper into our beautiful 'The Fighting Temeraire' Jacket Lining and Pocket Square, painted by J.M.W. Turner.

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With its captivating blend of history and artistic brilliance, this iconic painting has inspired art enthusiasts for generations. To understand the profound impact of 'The Fighting Temeraire', we must journey back to the Battle of Trafalgar. Fought on October 21, 1805, this naval engagement marked a victory for the British Royal Navy against the combined forces of France and Spain. At the heart of this conflict stood HMS Temeraire, a veteran warship renowned for its prowess and unwavering courage.

Turner's painting captures a poignant scene, some 30 years after the battle: the warship HMS Temeraire towed by a tugboat towards its final berth, bound for use as scrap. The artwork captures the fading majesty of the warship, bathed in a vibrant golden light. Turner's masterful use of light and colour imbues the scene with a sense of melancholy, symbolising the end of an era as the age of sail gives way to steam.


Upon its unveiling, 'The Fighting Temeraire' was met with critical acclaim and admiration for its evocative portrayal of history and the passing of time. Since then, it has become one of Turner's most celebrated works. The painting's legacy extends far beyond the art world, as it has come to symbolise the resilience, honour, and legacy of the British naval tradition.

'The Fighting Temeraire' stands as a testament to the intersection of history and art, capturing a pivotal moment in the annals of British naval heritage. Turner's ability to evoke emotion through his brushwork and portray the passing of time has solidified this painting as an enduring masterpiece. As you gaze upon the majestic scene, let the colours and symbolism transport you to a bygone era, where the glory of the past intertwines with the beauty of artistic expression.


We think this lining is incredibly versatile and could work wonderfully with any jacket, however, if you want our opinion on what would look exceptionally good...


Mid Blue Herringbone Merino Wool Jacket Charcoal Glen Check Superfine Merino Wool Jacket Cappuccino Herringbone Merino Wool Jacket



'The Fighting Temeraire' Pocket Square works brilliantly across a number of folds due to the scale of the print and varying colours. The versatility of this pocket square will enable you to be creative and playful with your pocket square fold type. We discuss our two favourite fold styles in more detail below.

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Puff Fold

The Puff Fold is not only one of the most popular folds but also one of the simplest to master. The most classic style is to adjust it till it forms a semi-circle above your pocket, but the very nature of the Puff Fold means you can be creative with the final look. 

We feel it works best for a more casual look and can be easily adjusted to display the different colours in your pocket square. In this instance, the rust and sky blue tones from 'The Fighting Temeraire' perfectly offset a mid-blue blazer.


Cream and Brown Pocket Square in Navy Blazer


The Three-Point Fold is quite a classic fold that adds interest to your jacket and does look quite intricate to the observer. This fold always looks best when you use a square that has some colour contrast with the border, such as 'The Fighting Temeraire'.

To customise once folded, simply adjust the peaks so they have a uniform spacing and angle slightly backwards from the first peak. The sophisticated and uniform nature of this fold lends itself well to more formal events such as a wedding or other special occasions. 

Three Peaks Fold Pocket Square


Below, in our YouTube Video Series, Alex explores how to create the perfect pocket square Three-Point Fold.



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