The Deliverance Pocket Square

Join us as we delve deeper into our beautiful 'The Deliverance: Ruggiero and Angelica' Pocket Square, painted by French Neoclassicist, Joseph Paul Blanc. 

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The Deliverance by Joseph Blanc



The Deliverance: Ruggiero and Angelica, 1876, is a stunning painting by the French artist Joseph Blanc. Created during the height of the Neoclassical art movement, this piece is a shining example of Blanc's ability to bring mythological tales to life on canvas.

At first glance, The Deliverance appears to be a simple painting depicting a knight rescuing a princess from a monster. However, upon closer inspection, the intricate details and symbolism in the piece reveal the depth of Blanc's artistry.

Blanc's use of light and shadow creates a sense of drama and urgency in the painting. The bright colours of the knight's armour and the princess's dress are set against the dark, ominous background of the monster. The contrast draws the viewer's eye to the heroic figure of Ruggiero as he charges toward the beast to save Angelica.

Detail of The Deliverance

In addition to its artistic significance, The Deliverance holds a special place in art history as a representation of the neoclassical movement. This artistic style drew inspiration from the classical art of ancient Greece and Rome, emphasising harmony, balance, and symmetry.


The neoclassical movement was a response to the excesses of the Baroque period and the frivolousness of the Rococo style. By returning to classical ideals, artists like Blanc sought to elevate art to a higher purpose and communicate timeless themes of heroism, morality, and virtue.

1876 was an exciting time in the art world, with many artists experimenting with new styles and techniques. In France, the Impressionist movement was in full swing, with painters such as Monet and Renoir pushing the boundaries of traditional art with their bold use of colour and loose brushstrokes.

Blanc, however, stayed true to his neoclassical roots, using his mastery of traditional techniques to create powerful and moving works like The Deliverance.

Joseph Blanc Portrait

Joseph Blanc in the mid 1890's

Joseph Paul Blanc was a highly skilled painter who gained recognition during his lifetime for his exceptional talent. Born in 1846, Blanc began his artistic education at a young age, studying under prominent artists Jean-Léon Gérôme and Léon Bonnat.

Blanc's devotion to classical ideals earned him the admiration of his peers and the respect of the art establishment. His work was highly sought after by collectors and museums, and his influence can still be seen in the works of contemporary artists today.

Blanc's commitment to traditional techniques and classical themes set him apart as a master of his craft. The Deliverance is a testament to Blanc's talent and his enduring influence on the art world.


'The Deliverance: Ruggiero and Angelica' Pocket Square works brilliantly across a number of folds due to the scale of the print and varying colours. The versatility of this pocket square will enable you to be creative and playful with your pocket square fold type. We discuss our two favourite fold styles in more detail below.

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Puff Fold

The Puff Fold is not only one of the most popular folds but also one of the simplest to master. The most classic style is to adjust it till it forms a semi-circle above your pocket, but the very nature of the Puff Fold means you can be creative with the final look. 

We feel it works best for a more casual look, and can be easily adjusted to display the different colours in your pocket square. In this instance the brown and cream tones from 'The Deliverance' perfectly offset a mid-blue blazer.

Cream and Brown Pocket Square in Navy Blazer


The THREE POINT Peaks Fold

The Three Point Fold is quite a classic fold that adds interest to your jacket and does look quite intricate to the observer. This fold always looks best when you use a square that has some colour contrast with the border, such as  'The Deliverance'.

To customise once folded, simply adjust the peaks so they have a uniform spacing and angle slightly backwards from the first peak. The sophisticated and uniformed nature of this fold lends itself well to more formal events such as a wedding or other special occasion. 

Three Peaks Fold Pocket Square

Below in our YouTube Video Series, Alex explores how to create the perfect pocket square Three Point Fold.



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