Product Focus: Bespoke Jackets

We get many requests for bespoke projects, ranging from bespoke Pocket Squares, Ties, and Linings to oversized Women's Scarves, but what we really love is the challenge of creating a truly bespoke jacket. The combination of choosing a beautiful fabric and combining with either a lining from our range or printing a bespoke lining creates a one-of-a-kind jacket that often has an emotional connection for our customers.

Venice Salute Lining & Jacket
Botticelli Bespoke Jacket & Lining

The Lining

The first step is to find your bespoke lining. We are able to reproduce any image or design through our printing process, to the same standard as the original work. We have found that the orientation of the images creates two completely different effects. Landscape images display a larger scene as it is presented across the two side panels and the back of the jacket. A portrait image with a central character provides an absolutely stunning centrepiece, but depending on the art work, the crop may result in some of the image being lost.

For the artwork below, our customer wanted the focal point to be the British ship in the centre, but not have the central seam cutting right through the centre of the ship. Therefore, our tailors positioned the image to ensure that the seam had a minimal impact, and as you can see below, it created a quite brilliant result.

Battle of Trafalgar, October 21st 1805, from 'The Naval Achievements of Great Britain' by James Jenkins

With our Rampley & Co jackets, we always use 3 lining panels per jacket. This allows our tailors to recreate as much of the scene as possible and allows us to match it up accurately along the jacket seams. The back seam is particularly tricky but the use of multiple panels means the image matches whilst also including an allowance for the lining to move within the fabric as it’s worn. It’s fair to say there are often some quite technical challenges that go into creating the final product! 

The Yellow Riders Bespoke Jacket
Bespoke Jacket Course of Empire Consummation

For one client, we even took our popular Long Live Victoria! pocket square design and printed this on a much larger scale to great effect. The design is taken from the V&A archive and was originally used on a handkerchief in 1938 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Victoria.

Long Love Victoria Lining

The Fabric

We can offer our customers the full Scabal Catalogue, and Fox Brothers Collection so there is a huge range of options when it comes to your jacket. We especially love this Negroni Tweed from Fox Brothers, part of a limited edition run that made a truly personalised jacket.

Fox Brothers Negroni Tweed

The Buttons

With a wide array of button options, you can choose to complement or contrast your fabric choice. Even if its just a simple change from a standard button to a blazer button on our Navy Superfine Merino Wool Jacket, this can turn a jacket into something really special. 

Fox Brothers Fabric Jacket Button Detail
Yellow Riders Jacket Button Detail


The Jacket

All our jackets, whether bespoke or not, are made to order by our skilled tailors, and each jacket takes around 5 weeks to produce. We have our collection jackets that have standard sizing and features, but for our bespoke jackets they can be adjusted to your wishes, whether that be peaked lapels, alternative pockets, 3 buttons on the cuff rather than 4, we can work with a variety of options. Just let us know what you'd like!

You're in no way limited to a simple jacket, we have also produced beautiful black tie jackets, or tuxedos for customers, like this one below which had a lining of the Duke of Wellington in. 

Tuxedo jacket lining detail 

If you'd like more information on our bespoke jackets, please get in touch for further details:

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