Navy Blazer Outfits - How To Layer a Navy Blazer

In our video below Leah is joined by Fashion Consultant Chris Modoo, who demonstrates how to layer a navy blazer with a number of different outfits. All the looks featured are linked below the video.

Outfits Featured

Outfit 1: Camel Overcoat Over Navy Jacket

Navy Jacket

Camel Overcoat

Mid-grey Cashmere Scarf

Claret Silk Tie

Outfit 2: Navy Jacket With Cashmere Scarf

Navy Jacket

Mid-grey Cashmere Scarf

Claret Silk Tie

Grey Flannel Trousers

The Battle of Vercellae Pocket Square

Outfit 3: Navy Jacket With Long Sleeved Crew

Navy Jacket

Claret Silk Tie

Light Brown Long-Sleeved Crew Neck

The Battle of Vercellae Pocket Square

Outfit 4: Navy Jacket With Brown Cashmere Quarter Zip

Navy Jacket

Light Brown Cashmere Quarter Zip

Brown Glen Check Super Fine Merino Wool Tie

Saint George and the Dragon by Rubens Pocket Square

Outfit 5: Navy Jacket & Chambray Shirt

Navy Jacket

Burgundy Shantung Silk Tie

White Linen Pocket Square

Outfit 6: Navy Jacket & Merino Wool Polo

Navy Jacket

Maroon Merino Wool Polo

Portrait of Yada Gorosaemon Suketake Pocket Square

Grey Flannel Trousers

Video Transcript

I’m Leah from Rampley & Co and today I’m joined by fashion consultant Chris Moodoo.

What can you tell us about this look?

This is a really nice way of wearing the classic navy blazer, underpinned with a light blue shirt, classic printed silk tie, camel wool overcoat and this lovely little detail of a grey cashmere scarf. A beautiful outfit to wear for a smart occasion in the winter. What I really like about it is you have similar tones matching together, so nothing really jumps out at you and I like the way the tie has different colours in it. You have the yellow which complements the camel, and you have the blue which goes really nicely with the blazer.

Chris, why did you dress with a pale blue shirt as opposed to a white? I think white can look great with a blazer but it can be quite “poppy” and give a quite strong contrast. With so many colours going on here, I think blue is a little more easier on the eye.

As you can see we have removed the camel overcoat but Chris you’ve left the scarf on.

Yes I have, I think a grey cashmere scarf is a beautiful thing to wear on its own without an overcoat with it. It is so insulating because cashmere is insulating, and what I like about it is its been folded inside the close of the jacket, you have the a little bit of the fringe bit at the bottom. Its very chic, very elegant, very modern and you can see a little bit of the tie in the centre. I think this is a really nice way of wearing a blazer in-between season way.

What trousers would you pair with this?

Always grey flannels. I'm a big fan of grey flannel and a navy blazer, classic English style.

An alternative to wearing a scarf is if you layer a sweater over your shoulders. It gives you the warmth, again useful for transitional weather, because of course if it’s gets a little cooler, you can literally put the sweater on. I like the look anyway over the shoulders, you can match the pocket square to it, not essential but a very nice modern look.

So Chris, what can you tell us about the layering in this look?

What I've done here is add another element between the tie and the blazer and added the cashmere quarter zip. This particular cashmere is very lightweight, so doesn’t add much bulk underneath. I've swapped out the pure silk tie for a wool tie, which is slightly less dressy and the pocket square is quite muted and tucked in with a puff fold, and the colours really complement the overall look.

So Chris, I see you’ve gone for a chambray shirt. Yes, I think the combination of the washed out chambray with a structured navy blazer is very elegant. A juxtaposition of looks, but what I think brings it together is this lovely shantung tie which has a great texture which really complements the shirt and then I love the texture of the white pocket square which really makes the stripe in the tie pop. This is a lovely look for maybe a dressed up weekend, or for business if you work in a slightly more creative industry.

For our final look, I’ve notice you’ve paired our blazer with a polo shirt.

Yes, we’ve taken the Rampley & Co polo shirt which is a fine gauge merino short sleeve polo shirt, we’ve layered the blazer on top of it to dress it up for the weekend. Really smart, elegant going out for lunch outfit.

What trousers would you pair this with?

Depends on how smart you want to take it. You could put flannels with it, or if you wanted to dress it down further, some dark jeans.

All the products featured in this video are linked in the description below, thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.