Mastering High-Low Dressing

High-low dressing is a style that best addresses the needs of today's modern man. It's a skilful combination of formal and casual elements to create an outfit that is both elegant and practical. If you're tired of constantly changing clothes or want to feel comfortable yet stylish, high-low dressing is the key. Here we explore the art of high-low dressing, its advantages, and how you can effortlessly achieve this fashion-forward look.

What is High-Low Dressing?

High-low dressing revolves around mixing formal and informal garments. It's about taking sophisticated pieces, like a tailored blazer, and pairing them with more relaxed items, such as blue jeans. The result is a balanced ensemble that exudes both refinement and comfort.



The Advantages of High-Low Dressing

High-low dressing offers numerous benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal. Firstly, it provides wardrobe versatility by mixing your once segregated smart and casual clothes to create new looks. High-low dressing also embraces practicality, catering to the modern individual who seeks both style and ease. By combining formal and casual elements, you can achieve a look that is not only fashionable but also comfortable for everyday wear.

Practical Dressing

Today we see most people prioritise practicality in their daily clothing choices, and high-low dressing perfectly aligns with this ethos. By incorporating familiar and comfortable pieces, like blue jeans, into your outfits, you create a relatable foundation. Pairing them with tailored blazers or other smart garments elevates the overall look without compromising comfort. This practical approach resonates with many individuals today, making high-low dressing a relevant and accessible choice.

Top Tips for Successful High-Low Dressing:

1. Fabrics and Textures. Texture plays a crucial role in high-low dressing; introducing different fabrics and textures to your wardrobe adds visual interest. Opt for materials like flannel, tweed, or soft cashmere when pairing them with jeans. These fabrics strike a harmonious balance between formality and casualness.


2. Colour Combinations. Complementary colours are your allies in high-low dressing. A light blue shirt paired with a navy blazer, for example, creates a harmonious and visually pleasing ensemble. When experimenting with colour, ensure your choices exude freshness.

3. Well-Groomed Appearance. To successfully pull off a high-low look with denim, it's crucial to maintain a well-groomed and polished appearance. Choose your jeans; your jeans should be well-fitted, in a classic cut, and the jacket should have a texture to it, looking for herringbones or worsted wools. 

High-Low Stapels

Flannel Trousers. For a classic high-low balance, pair your blazer or jacket with grey flannel trousers. Though flannel was historically considered weekend wear, it has become known today as a dressier choice. This combination bridges the gap between casual and formal, giving you a sophisticated yet approachable look.

Polo Shirts. Everyman should own one good quality knitted polo shirt as achieving a high-low look with polo shirts is all about choosing the right style. Opt for knitted polo shirts with proper collars for a polished appearance. 

Ties with Texture. Ties can be a debatable accessory when it comes to high-low dressing. While some may find a tie with jeans appealing, it's crucial to choose the right tie and shirt combination. A denim shirt paired with a textured tie, such as one with a slubby shantung silk fabric, can elevate your look without appearing mismatched. Remember, texture and balance are key to achieving a successful high-low outfit.

Embrace Variation. Swap out your standard blue and white shirts for alternatives like cream or denim. By introducing small changes to your wardrobe staples, you can unlock a world of new styling possibilities.

Comfort Matters. Never compromise on comfort. High-low dressing is about feeling your best while presenting your smartest self. If an outfit doesn't make you feel comfortable, you may have missed the mark.

High-low dressing is a technique that effortlessly combines formal and casual elements, giving you a sophisticated and practical style. By carefully selecting fabrics, balancing colours, and incorporating well-groomed pieces, you can achieve a high-low look that embodies elegance and comfort. Remember, high-low dressing is about creating a personal style that showcases your best self. So, embrace the art of high-low dressing and elevate your fashion game with confidence.