How to Master Quiet Luxury

Lately, you may have noticed a recurring term, "quiet luxury", perhaps used to describe the AW23 collections or the outfits on Succession, and while these indicators would imply quiet luxury to be a new trend, it is in fact, as timeless as the idea of effortless elegance. 

Embodying sophistication, refinement, and elegance, quiet luxury is a style philosophy that revolves around an understated and subtle approach. In this blog we delve into the essence of quiet luxury, exploring what it truly means and how you can effortlessly achieve it.

The Allure of Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is the opposite of loud or extravagant style it is a celebration of artful restraint and the appreciation of impeccable craftsmanship. Despite being the buzzword of the moment, ironically, quiet luxury is a style philosophy that deliberately disregards trends, focusing instead on the highest quality materials and timeless designs that exude an air of effortless elegance. A true master of quiet luxury commands attention without uttering a word - their attire speaks on their behalf.

It harks back to the traditions of the distinguished gentlemen who appreciates the subtlety of tailoring and the luxurious touch of fine fabrics.

How to Master Quiet Luxury

Invest in exceptional tailoring. An immaculately cut jacket is the epitome of quiet luxury, nothing looks as good as a well-crafted garment made to fit you perfectly, in a neutral (but exquisite) fabric.

Choose timeless fabrics. Quiet luxury embraces fabrics that only grow more elegant with time. Think fine wool, cashmere, silk, linens and leathers, each chosen for their natural drape, rich texture, and ability to age gracefully.



Minimal and subtle styling. For quiet luxury, less is indeed more. Opt for garments with subtle, refined details, such as finely stitched lapels, hidden buttons, or discrete monograms. These understated elements add an air of exclusivity and sophistication without overwhelming the eye. And don't forget the infamous rule of Coco Chanel: before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.

Embrace a subdued colour palette. This is a rule we don't feel you need to follow so closely; if you prefer to wear brighter pops of colour, don't change a thing, unless you're looking to embody the trend of quiet luxury, rather than the mindset.

The philosophy of quiet luxury is similar to having a capsule wardrobe, you chose well-made clothes that will last as well as work with everything else in your wardrobe, offering you myriad outfit options. If your personal taste is to have bright colourful clothes, then these are the pieces to invest in. What is portrayed as quiet luxury today is a much more muted colour palette, as this is typical of a trendless wardrobe designed to last a lifetime.


In summary, if you want to capture the style philosophy of understated elegance,  embrace the refinement of bespoke tailoring and indulge in the finest fabrics.  Remember, true luxury lies not in the ostentatious display of wealth, but in the mastery of restraint and the pursuit of enduring elegance.