Four Classic Accessory Combinations for a Navy Blazer

Nothing is more classic than a navy blazer; softer than black but equally easy to pair with almost any shirt or accessory. 
You may have seen our feature on Brown Jacket Combinations, so continuing in the same form, we wanted to share some easy and helpful style combinations that will work perfectly with any navy jacket. From subtle sophistication to bold statements, these pairings will add an extra touch of elegance to your ensemble. 









For all combinations, we've used our best-selling Super Fine Navy Blazer.


Four Ways to Wear a Navy Blazer


Combination 1: The Classic Charm

Our first combination showcases the timeless elegance of a white shirt paired with a green wool tie. This ensemble strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary style. The touch of texture in the wool tie adds depth to the overall look. To complete this refined combination, opt for a silk pocket square featuring hues of green. The pocket square's gentle complementing tones bring a delightful touch to your attire, harmonising seamlessly with the navy jacket.






Combination 2: Understated Sophistication

For a more understated yet captivating look, consider an elegant grey wool tie. This tie features a subtle Prince of Wales Check pattern, adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. Paired with a silk pocket square, incorporating shades of greys, blues, and a hint of cream, this combination creates a visually striking effect. The interplay of colours and patterns enhances both the tie and the pocket square, adding depth and personality to your navy jacket.








Combination 3: Go Bold

When you want to make a statement, our third combination is sure to turn heads. An exquisite burgundy shantung stripe tie paired with a pocket square which pulls out the secondary colour of the tie - a captivating blue-grey shade. The burgundy tie exudes confidence, while the blue-grey pocket square adds depth and intrigue. Together, they form a stunning duo that perfectly complements your navy jacket.








Combination 4: The Art of Balance

Our final combination showcases the art of balancing vibrant patterns with a more conservative touch. For the pocket square, we've selected a vibrant, multi-coloured design that catches the eye. Its boldness is perfectly contrasted by a minimal, tonal shantung stripe tie. This pairing creates an intriguing contrast, allowing the pocket square to take centre stage while the tie adds a refined touch. 



By carefully selecting tie and pocket square combinations, you can transform your navy jacket into a canvas for personal expression. Whether you prefer classic charm, understated sophistication, bold statements, or balanced contrasts, there is a combination that suits your style. Remember, the key lies in complementing the colours, patterns, and textures to create a visually striking and harmonious ensemble. With these four stunning combinations as inspiration, you can confidently elevate your style and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.