Avoid These Mistakes With Your Jacket

Our latest YouTube short with stylist Chris Modoo talks us through the many mistakes you can make with a tailored jacket. To ensure optimum care of your tailoring, brush up on your knowledge with our 60-second run-down.



our top tips

Select the right coat hanger

Firstly, avoid using wire coat hangers. Instead, opt for proper coat hangers with the right width and good shoulder support. This will ensure your jacket lasts longer, maintains its shape, and looks better when worn. 

Maintain the silhouette

Secondly, refrain from overstuffing the pockets when wearing your jacket. If you need to carry several items, distribute the weight evenly across different pockets.

Also, avoid buttoning up the bottom button of your jacket when wearing it, this has been designed to remain unbuttoned. 

Protect the fabric

Never wear a rucksack with a tailored jacket, as it can damage the shoulders over time. If you must carry a rucksack, hold it by the handle by your side.

Lastly, always use a good quality clothes brush instead of a lint roller. Lint rollers may not be as effective and can potentially damage the fabric by leaving the sticky residue behind.