New Partnership With Scream Gallery

We're very pleased to announce our latest partnership with Scream Gallery in London. Scream Gallery has been playing host to an eclectic and exciting range of contemporary art since opening in 2012 and we are incredibly proud to be able to collaborate with them by adding these unique works of art to our pocket square collection. Located in ever-popular Eastcastle Street art district, the gallery has been nurturing both home-grown and international talent and celebrating them on an international stage. This season they announced two shows featuring London natives, David Shillinglaw and Remi Rough. The energetic and vibrant work of multimedia artist Shillinglaw is the perfect daring and adventurous piece to add to our collection. Alongside Remi Rough’s adept and subtle use of his signature neon pink, which is a first for us and our pocket squares. We explore their latest work and the influences behind their projects below.

David Shillinglaw - The Overview Effect
David Shillinglaw’s work gravitates towards the subject of ‘the human condition’, as he describes, “Life is a struggle. For everyone. From the smallest insect to the greatest beast, we are determined by the success we seek, and how, in turn we measure that success. Each of us experiencing ups and downs. Peaks and troughs. Like a game of snakes and ladders."

The Overview Effect

Although always conscious of the history of painting, and at the same time celebrating outsider approaches, David’s paintings mix a formal approach to paint on canvas, whilst including other less ‘finished’ methods of realising ideas. He is taking his street and outsider ethics, aesthetics and sensibilities onto canvas.

At first glance, The Overview Effect leans towards a map and hints at a board game – brightly coloured and playful – but this is just the jump-off point as Shillinglaw’s intention is to lead you in, and then hope you get lost, becoming involved in his work.

All the places David has visited over the past 10 years are represented: NYC, Cape Town, Paris, London, Athens, Kosovo, Etc. All the different walls and streets he has covered with his art, and travelled through now become constellations on a map of his past; a psycho-geographic response to an ever changing, developing, and brave new world.

Remi Rough - Continuation
Remi Rough was born in South East London in 1971 and has lived and worked in the city ever since. He is a leading figure within the new movement of urban modernist painters (Graffuturists / Graffuturism) - Remi has adopted the theories and practices of the modern masters that preceded him. Remi’s work explores the relationship of balance, tension and colour with geometric theory. The many formative years spent as a young practitioner of ‘graffiti style writing' have referenced these forward thinking abstractions. The letterforms and wild styles have progressed into a mature language of ‘Suprematism’.

Continuation heavily references Remi’s signature fluorescent pink spray paint in a clean geometric form which hangs suspended within a structured composition, while playing with negative space against his precise lines and overlapping coloured surfaces.  


Remi Rough plays with themes such as balance, imbalance and tension. He creates works that are precisely designed geometric compositions that contrast heavily with their organic surfaces such as hand-made papers or wood assemblages. They have more in common with the Russian constructivists of the 19th Century such as Theo van Doesburg and Kazimir Malevich as they do the graffiti writers of the 20th Century.  The paintings are concerned with mathematical questions of shape, size, relative position of figures and forms, which is fundamental in current human obsession with practical science.