Woodbridge Cashmere Gift Set

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Our Woodbridge Cashmere Socks Gift Set, manufactured in England are the height of luxury, very warm and incredibly soft being made from the finest grade of cashmere. The cashmere-nylon blend vastly improves their durability, while the toe is hand-linked to provide a virtually seamless toe. 

  • 85% Cashmere/15% Nylon
  • Navy/Grey 
  • Mid-calf
  • Finest grade cashmere 
  • Knitted on a 96-needle machine
  • Made In England

Where We Source Our Cashmere
Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibres in the world and is obtained from the hair of cashmere goats (Capra Hircus Laniger). The cashmere we use comes from Mongolia, where around 40 million goats contend with the harsh winters and temperatures as low as -30°C.  Due to these low temperatures, their coat is made up of two distinct layers – the outer layer (guard hair) and the undercoat (cashmere).  The guard hair is coarse and waterproof, which serves to protect the goat (and the undercoat). The undercoat is soft, ultra-fine and an excellent insulator, to protect the goat from the extreme cold. 

Only the soft, ultrafine undercoat is used to produce cashmere. In spring, as the goats moult for summer, they are combed by hand to remove their ultrafine undercoat, while leaving the guard hair intact. These combings are then washed and sorted to remove any stray guard hairs. You are then left with pure cashmere.  This careful, slow and exact process results in a fibre that is exceptionally high quality and rare. This justifies the higher price it costs compared to more easily obtained fibres.

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