Bespoke Tie

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This 7 Fold Grenadine Silk Tie is a luxurious addition to a gentleman’s neckwear. Handmade in England this tie has a beautiful balance in weight between the crisp, lightweight grenadine weave and extra silk required for a 7 fold tie.

  • 7 Fold 
  • 100% Silk
  • Hand Rolled Blade
  • Handmade in England
  • Free Worldwide Delivery

The 7 Fold Tie Process
The 7 fold tie is a supremely elegant tie, created through true craftsmanship of times past. The Grenadine is woven in Italy using specialised jacquard looms. The fabric is then shipped to the UK where it begins our production process. 

Each tie is hand cut, using a whole ‘block’ of cloth to make up one seven-fold, it is then sewn together. To add a special finish, the grenadine tie tips are hand roll hemmed. Once the tie pieces have been joined together and hand rolled the tie is then pressed ready to be slipped. As opposed to a standard traditional tie, a seven-fold is made up without any interlining. The hand slipper folds the cloth, creating the seven folds – it is the seven folds which give the tie is body. The tie is then pinned, and using one continuous piece of thread, starting at the narrow end, the tie is slipped. A stretch loop is added in the tread at the narrow end. This allows the fabric movement when worn and the stretch loop ensure more flexibility. This is unique to a handmade tie.

The ‘bar tack’ or ‘bullion’ stitch is added at each end of the tie while it is being slipped. This is also a special stitch that shows that the tie has been hand sewn. 

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