Rampley & Co Pocket Squares

Rampley and Co was born out of a passion to create elegant pocket squares through innovative design, the best available fabrics and quality craftsmanship. We felt that by working with exquisite materials such as Harris Tweed or collaborating with partners such at the National Gallery in London, we could create men’s fashion accessories that were truly interesting and unique. Our men’s silk pocket squares are printed in a factory with a rich history in Macclesfield, an area famous for English textiles for over 300 years, as we look to blend new ideas with the historical roots of British fashion.

What we love about the pocket square is that it is a subtle addition to a suit or casual jacket that can completely transform it's overall look. Also known as a pocket handkerchief, every fold and colour combination says something about the man wearing it. To help you get the most our of your pocket square we’ve created a section on how to fold a pocket square along with articles such as how to match ties and pocket squares.

Historic Handkerchiefs Collection

Our Historic Handkerchiefs Collection aims to recreate beautiful handkerchief and pocket square designs from the past. We've worked with some internationally renowned institutions such as the Museum of London to get access to some of these originals and, after photographing and then cleaning the images up, have reproduced their designs for the modern day. Often used as a way of spreading information or making announcements, the designs on these squares are still as vibrant and fascinating as the day they were created.

The Wallace Collection